My personal experience and passion for entrepreneurship turned into something I truly believe in. This is Dearly, something that truly contributes to a better, more human world. 

This enabled me to look at loss and grief from different perspectives, not only for me personally but also on how we deal with grief in society. 

How do we prevent people from feeling that their grief should not be there? How do we ensure that there is room for mourning? How do we talk about it? How do we create space for each other? 

Dearly is a social enterprise that strives to normalise loss and grief and to create more social awareness to make the transition as a society to a caring community. We do this for people who are grieving and for their social environment, by offering preventive measures and support to companies, education and at an individual level. 


If you are interested in hearing more about Dearly, check our website and reach out!


Phone: +31 6 34 13 16 99